Life can get so hectic sometimes – work, family, friends… adulting in general?

Before Christmas, we were running at full tilt – working (way) more than full time, prepping for travelling, and buzzing around the holiday season’s activities. In order to survive it all, we followed the below tips – which you can implement in your crazy times, too! Here are 4 ways to decrease the crazy, and increase the productivity in your life:

1. Prioritize. There is always something on the list that can be cut, or re-arranged. Re-evaluate your to-do list daily and ask yourself – what’s most important for today? Take it bit by bit and don’t let the massive list bog you down. You got this!

2. Ask for help. Yes! We said it. Consider this an intervention. Reach out to friends, family, or even hire a temporary worker (there are temp agencies in every city with lots of people looking for short-term work!). In our heavy-up times, we asked on our good friends to stand in for photos so we could shoot and direct faster than it just being our small team (thanks, @minnababecompany + @dadzzlife!)

3. Say no to things. It’s hard to do, but when you’re asked to take on another job, assignment, hang-out, etc. – it’s really important to evaluate if you have capacity to do so before you take it on. Simplify your time and don’t feel bad if you have to turn something down.

4. Take breaks. It’ll feel like the opposite of being productive – but, if you keep your energy (both physical and mental) up, you’ll do a whole lot better than you would running on empty.

And, there you have it! Just a few handy tricks to get you out of the crazy, and into the calm.

PS: the photo of the crazy busy streets in Ubud inspired this post. If you go to Bali, expect it to be very BUSY in the main towns. It’s definitely not the “eat pray love” vibe that everyone expects. But, Bali is so beautiful if you wander on the outskirts of the island. Don’t stay in the main cities – we made that mistake and wouldn’t do it again.

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