What do wine, planters, a group of strangers in a highly Instagrammable cabin in the woods, and a chance for spiritual awakening all have in common? The Bouquet Farm. That’s what. 

Last night we attended The Bouquet Farm’s planter workshop, which kicked off with a warm welcome, a glass of wine, a delicious spread of tasty eats, and a room full of smiling faces.

Coming off of a crazy work week, this was exactly what we needed. In life, we often forget to take the time to do these things; to invest in ourselves and to take a moment and just… exhale. To dig our hands into mother nature, make new connections, and well, drink a glass of tasty wine.

The Bouquet Farm seemed to know just what we needed that night as instead of it being a classic planter workshop, it felt like…. a plant therapy workshop. Each plant we added to our arrangement had a spiritual meaning that we paid gratitude to as we placed it.

The primrose? Youth, and eternal love.
Ivy? Dependance, endurance, faithfulness.
The moss? Charity and maternal love.
The forsythia branches? Anticipation.
The glass of wine? Just really good, that’s all.

We each received a letter at the end – part of which read,

“Our prayer and wish for each of you is that you would join us in our journey to pursue growth and good, beautiful and worthy areas of our lives. That you would take on this new year as a new beginning. A fresh start – and continue to strive and grow in courage, honour and justice. Coming alongside those that are struggling around you. We also pray that you would have people around you that would give this back to you in return. We want you to know that you are precious from before you were even born and you are eternally loved.”

The letter went on and lavished us with more kind words, which hit us right in the feels. Sometimes you just need a little encouragement to take you from doing pretty good, to doing pretty great.


Tonight inspired us to turn a new leaf (have to throw the plant references in where we can here), branch out (yeah, this is good), and plant new roots (somebody get us a book deal already!).

Spirituality comes when you least expect it, and perhaps when you need it the most. Tonight we affirmed our belief that investing in experiences rather than things is what’s most enriching for the soul. It drives a creative force in us, and lights a fire for us to keep pursuing what we dream of doing most – create, inspire, repeat.

Learn more about The Bouquet farm here and here.

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