We love Chilliwack, not just for the outdoors – but also for the hand-built small businesses, arts and culture.

We recently shot some photos for Captains Tattoo Company, and had a whole lotta fun while doing it. Their shop is full of good vibes, very clean, and their team has some serious skills (don’t sit next to them in art class unless you want to be schooled).

What we admire about Captains Tattoo is that they create an environment that’s inclusive for all walks of life, which often the tattoo industry fails to do. No matter your denomination, age (although, 18+, friends), personal style or amount of tattoos you have or don’t have – you’re welcomed into their shop just the same. They encourage people to stop by for a free coffee just because, and even have an artist of the month gallery that supports local creators like ourselves.

If you’re ever in need of a tattoo, give them a shout (tell them we sent you!). And, while you’re at it – give them a follow on Instagram: @captainstattoocompany // @wearethenorthern



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